Rental generators

KOHLER® generators have been engineered to the highest standards.

Low-emissions performance in prime and standby applications.

Near-silent and mobile options for all your power needs

Rental generator hire provides flexible power on the go. From music festivals and corporate events through to construction sites and disaster relief, KOHLER® rental generators are quiet, reliable, compact and robust. Looking for generator hire? We can help you find the ideal power solution – whatever the application. KOHLER® offers affordable rental generators tailored to your requirements. Learn more about our options and services below.

Understanding the benefits of rental generators

KOHLER® rental generators have been engineered to the highest standards. That means quiet, low-emissions performance in prime and standby applications.

  • Near-silent operation – designed with noise-reducing technologies

  • Stage V compliant – optimized for efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and lower operating costs (link to YouTube video)

  • Sustainable – after-treatment systems reduce emissions with no loss of power (after-treatment webpage link) and compatible for use with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO)

  • Broad portfolio - complete generator rental range from 20 to 550 kVA

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Ultimate guide to rental generators: Five key principles for flawless performance

KOHLER® rental range has been specifically designed for power generator hire.

  1. Robustness - Impact-resistant for use in demanding conditions without compromising performance.

  2. Handling - Easy handling for the transport and on-site moving phases.

  3. Usability – Intuitive, with operating and connection phases designed for extra user comfort.

  4. Maintenance - Fast access to consumable and mechanical parts during cleaning and maintenance. The enclosure can also be easily removed for maintenance.

  5. Safety - Ensuring user safety during the machine's handling, connection and operating phases, and guaranteeing protection of the generating set to improve its service life.

Generator rental made simple

KOHLER® generator rental customers can look forward to a lifetime of reliability and resilience with world-class parts, service and training. Our commitment includes:

  • Global distribution network

  • 24/7/365 service and support

  • Parts availability globally

  • Global service training centers

  • Maintenance and warranty coverage

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