Low Carbon Solutions

We’re putting all our energy into sustainability

Our new systems leave out nothing but the emissions

Our new hydrogen fuel cell systems come with the same proven resiliency and support you expect from KOHLER generators. All we took out were the emissions, giving you another choice on your road to sustainability.

Find out how our hydrogen fuel cell systems can provide power on demand.

Conscious Care™ maintenance program for KD Series generators

Want to reduce your fuel consumption and carbon footprint without compromising reliability and your peace of mind? The Conscious Care maintenance program enables operators to exercise back-up generators at no load and extend the required interval to every four months. Driving down fuel and load bank expenses, while reducing sound and air pollutions, and overall greenhouse gas emissions. When it comes to making sustainable changes, sometimes less really is more.

Energy resilience with low emissions

To meet the challenges of climate change, industrial generators must become more sustainable. For this reason, KOHLER® has developed a suite of systems and technologies – from renewable fuels to advanced maintenance techniques – that reduce emissions at every stage of the lifecycle:

  • Conscious Care™ maintenance: protocols that save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • HVO: from biowaste products as a slot-in renewable fuel for mission-critical generators

  • Hydrogen fuel cells: complement our generator portfolio offering emissions-free options at the point of use