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We provide distributors and End-customers with

training and certification programs

Our promise

Having your teams trained at Kohler Training Centers represents a valuable investment for your business over the long term. You will improve the technical skills, productivity and safety of your employees. You will enhance the operating performance of your facilities by making them run longer, more efficiently and more reliably.

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Our vision

  • Increase knowledge of our Kohler distributors Service Technicians by providing certification programs, to equip them with the most advanced Services tools to best serve and delight our customers.

  • Create, promote and enhance individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and offering an array of innovative , diverse and customized Trainings with most advanced tools and resources.

  • Support organization’s commitment to employee & distributors development, to provide best service and delight to our valued customers consistently.

Training Types

  1. Online Training Courses & Assessments : Get the education you want — in your own time. Start our online program and build the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed on topics including power system fundamentals, service, products (controllers and engines) and installation training.

  2. Virtual Training Courses : Learn about the products and fundamentals by attending live training sessions with an instructor and test your knowledge by taking the online tests. Improve your global view of the products prior attending the Instructor Led training courses.

  3. Instructor Led Training Courses : Factory Hands-on Trainings Practice on simulators and real products such as generators, engines, controllers and ATS to be prepared for on-site commissioning and generator maintenance.

  4. Diagnostic Tools and Special Tools Courses: Our training courses help the technicians to understand the interest of being well equipped to better serve the customers. They will study in-depth technical functionalities of the diagnostic tools & Special tools.

Some of our training are suitable for individuals with no or little technical background (office workers, account managers, etc..) and can be customized for specific projects.

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Certification Training Programs

Our training programs have been developed to include training courses by

  • LEVEL (Level I to III)

  • PROFILE (Power Systems Technicians, Engine Technicians)

  • SEGMENT type (such as Industrial, Residential and Marine)

Our certified training program is designed for Kohler distributors, partners, dealers, installation technicians and associates.

An unforgettable customer experience

Our Training Center, offers facilities with up to date multimedia equipment as well as a training workshop to carry out hands-on maintenance activities up to engine overhaul on real static engines and Electrical Motor Generators suitable for generators synchronizing and paralleling purposes. At each session, trainees will have the opportunity to visit our Kohler Power Systems EMEA production site in Guipavas, France. Our expert instructors deliver both standardized catalog courses and customized training solutions to cater to the unique needs of our valued customers, ensuring distributors and end-customers receive comprehensive training and certification programs. On-site training courses can also be organized and conducted at our end-users and distributors locations all over the world.

Our 4 Training Centers Worldwide

Kohler Power Systems Asia Pacific
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Kohler Power Systems North America
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USAKohler, WI 53044444 Highland Drive
Kohler Power Systems EMEA
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270 Rue de Kerervern29490 Guipavas,FRANCE
Kohler Power Systems Changzhou
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No 7, Kohler RoadXinbei District, ChangzhouCHINA

2024 Training Courses

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KPS Learning Academy

Distributor access only

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Kohler free web-based courses that are tailored to fulfill the rigorous standards set by U.S. accrediting bodies for professional engineering continuing education.

Back-Up Power University : Sign up now

A series of 10 live, interactive, and free web-based courses that are tailored to fulfill the rigorous standards set by U.S. accrediting bodies for professional engineering continuing education.

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