The Kohler difference

Our experts with you every step of the way

Kohler experts dedicated to your power projects

A dedicated, experienced project team at your side

Kohler believes that resilient and sustainable mission-critical power is best delivered through partnership.

We guide customers through the development process to deliver first-class generator systems that provide peace of mind. From initial contact through project execution and maintenance, Kohler provides you with complete end-to-end support.

Dedicated, expert project team assesses project scope, requirements and challenges with transparent processes throughout every stage. By working collaboratively, we deliver reliable, custom-designed power systems tailored to your specifications and budget.

Engineering your sustainable projects

Innovation and inspiration are the key to deliver mission-critical power with minimal environmental impact. Our design and engineering team has the talent and vision to imagine new technologies that significantly reduce emissions across the lifecycle.

We offer a suite of systems and technologies to reduce emissions:

  • HVO

  • Conscious CareTM maintenance program

  • Hydrogen fuel cells

  • After treatment technologies


Our customer experience

  • Custom process from start to finish ​ Access to a multi-disciplinary team – including engineering, ​tendering and sales – to help progress through to detailed designs.​

  • Total system integration ​ No matter how large or complex the project, ​everything works together seamlessly.​

  • Customized solutions ​ Reliable, purpose-built power system solutions customized, built and ​tested by a dedicated team of experienced engineers and technicians ​to meet your most demanding specifications.​

  • End to end management ​ From planning the design and selecting the equipment to testing and ​commissioning, we’re focused on delivering reliable, custom-designed ​power systems tailored to your specifications — and your budget.

  • R&D units ​ 140 Engineers able to adapt solutions to specific customer needs and anticipate ​future requirements to your solutions is at the leading edge of innovation, ​offering the best performance on the market.

Customized power supply solutions

Generators remain the backbone of mission-critical energy supply in places like data centers, hospitals, airports and utility plants. When the grid goes down, they respond in minutes to provide continuous operation.

Increasingly, mission-critical operators are demanding highly customised and optimized solutions that are proven to protect power supplies in the most challenging operational environments.

At Kohler, we can provide you customized power solutions that are reliable, durable and fit for the future.

Our 5-step approach to resilient, sustainable energy

  1. Expert guidance - designers and engineers fully understand your requirements

  2. Bespoke systems - the right generator, depending on multiple design factors

  3. Emission control - In-cylinder technologies and after-treatment systems reduce emissions at the point of use

  4. Renewable fuel - Generators compatible with HVO reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 per cent

  5. Future-proofing – Overview of current developments in power production and continuous improvement of systems and processes

Installation of a Kohler generator in a container

Our customized engineering solutions

Kohler is ready to meet your electrical engineering challenges, providing reliable power supply solutions that meet your expectations.

Depending on your projects, we can propose solutions such as

  • Walk-in enclosures

  • Turnkey solutions

  • Oversized alternator

  • Medium voltage alternator

  • Integration of specific engines

  • Customized containers

  • Semi-elastic coupling

  • Dual electric and pneumatic starting

  • Tank capacity

  • Special filtration

  • Integration of exhaust silencer

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