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KOHLER generating sets in the telecommunications sector

Ensuring a resilient power supply is a major challenge for telecoms infrastructure operators and owner operators.

And, because power failures can occur in remote, hard-to reach areas, the challenge is only magnified. But wherever they occur, network outages can spell significant inconvenience for customers and economic losses for operators.

Reliable energy, even when isolated

That’s why many leading operators turn to KOHLER. We offer reliable technical solutions that meet the special requirements of booster stations – particularly in terms of the very rigorous geographical challenges they often present.

KOHLER generating sets can supply cost-effective emergency or continuous power. Long maintenance intervals, low fuel consumption, long operating times on a single tank, and remote access are further reasons to choose KOHLER.

Above all, KOHLER engineers understand the specific issues facing telecoms operators and so are able to propose the electrical power plant best suited to each individual project.

Why KOHLER for telecoms?

KOHLER will manage your project from A to Z:

  • Analysis of requirements (and constraints) of the project

  • Consultancy, diagnosis of issues, and recommendation of solutions

  • Development of civil engineering guide drawings

  • Assessment of the project in terms of electrical requirements, taking into consideration existing infrastructure on site

  • Implementation of mechanical installation (in compliance with standards in terms of noise levels, pollution emissions and the environment)

  • Activation of the system

  • Maintenance

  • Installation follow-up (customer service) and remote monitoring

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