Our social impact efforts are intimately tied to what we value as a company: people connecting globally and acting locally, purposeful innovation, and the natural world as a limited resource and welcome respite. It’s what we value and where we can make a measurable difference.

Kohler is committed to transparency, engagement, and consistent communication of our Believing in Better® initiatives, and we will continue to build on our alignment with established ESG standards.

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Ecovadis commited badge for Kohler CSR Comitments in 2023


As part of our commitment to society, our people, and the environment, Kohler Power Systems EMEA conducts a comprehensive evaluation of its business sustainability practices annually using EcoVadis, the global benchmark for business sustainability ratings.

The EcoVadis assessment covers 21 sustainability criteria across four key themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

In our latest assessment, we were awarded a commited badge to demonstrate our commitment to CSR.

certified io14001, kohler power systems acts to preserve the environment

Reducing the impact of our operations on the environment

The positive actions we take and the innovations we implement at Kohler reduce our environmental impact across all our operations.

  • Risk and Environmental Impact Management: We take action to minimize our ecological footprint by adopting responsible practices. This includes resource management, waste reduction and recycling, as well as pollution risk prevention and the elimination of single-use plastics.

  • Compliance and Continuous Improvement: We rigorously adhere to the requirements of our prefectural operating permit (classified ICPE site) and all applicable regulations. We proactively drive our environmental performance by implementing continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Auditing and Evaluation: We regularly assess the effectiveness of our actions and ensure compliance with best practices. Our goal is to consistently push the boundaries in our sustainable journey.

Reducing the environmental impact of our products

Kohler Power Systems EMEA’s Eco-Responsible Journey: From Design to End-of-Life

  1. Design for Environment (DfE): We incorporate sustainability principles into the design of our generators. DfE aims to minimize environmental impact by optimizing materials, manufacturing, and energy performance.

  2. Stage V Technology: Designed to cut down on harmful pollutants, our Stage V generators provide ultra-low emissions and a more efficient way to provide renewable power.

  3. HVO Compatibility: Our entire offering of mission-critical diesel generators is compatible with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)

  4. Responsible Maintenance Programs: We implement maintenance programs that reduce carbon emissions. Regular equipment upkeep ensures optimal energy efficiency.

  5. Recycling End-of-Life Generators: Keen to limit the ecological footprint left by its end-of-life gensets, and in line with WEEE regulations - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment - Kohler has signed a partnership with Ecosystem a major player in the collection, depollution and recycling in France.

Our commited actions

Kohler Switches Brest Manufacturing Site to Low-Carbon HVO Fuel

Humanitarians waiting for a Kohler delivery for the NGO Electricians without borders

Kohler partner of the NGO Electriciens without borders since 2017