Kohler Energy Introduces Certified Environmental Declaration for KD Series Generators

The first environmental declaration for a backup generating set paves the way for more sustainable operations in mission-critical facilities. Discover how rigorous data collection and lifecycle assessment used to create the document will help customers make more environmentally friendly purchasing decisions for backup power generation.

Mission-critical facilities such as data centers, hospitals and utility plants are looking to become more sustainable across their operations. This ambition requires new approaches to backup power generation, where there is a willingness to adopt more environmentally friendly solutions with lower emissions across the lifecycle.

Sustainable Power Through Informed Choices

The desire for more sustainable products demands a coherent and consistent response from generator manufacturers. In recent years, this has resulted in several emissions-related improvements—most notably through developing more efficient engine, adopting renewable fuels such as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), and introducing new reduced testing maintenance protocols. In every case, the aim has been to help operators lower their Greenhouse Gas Emissions and reduce their carbon footprint. Now, the first environmental declaration has been published for a generating set, providing customers with full visibility of the product's environmental impact across the lifecycle.

Providing Sustainable Power Options

The data-driven document provides granular detail of the generator's environmental impact across activities such as raw material extraction, manufacture, distribution, installation, use, and end-of-life.

The publication of the environmental declaration supports more sustainable purchasing decisions and helps end users implement low-carbon strategies while transitioning to net zero.

Download the ecopassport® PEP for our KD3750 generator set, which serves as a reference product for the environmental declaration.

Find out all products with certified environmental declaration on http://www.pep-ecopassport.org/