Kohler partners with NGO Electricians Without Borders

Electriciens sans frontières, French international NGO and registered charity, has been fighting since 1986 against inequalities of access to electricity and water throughout the world.

The partnership between "Electricians Without Borders" and Kohler was signed in 2017.

Since then, 209 generators have been donated to the NGO to help provide electricity to people affected by climatic or geopolitical crises or earthquakes... in 6 years, this represents 7 emergency interventions on 4 continents.

Here are a few examples of recent operations:

  • The donation of 76 generators in the summer of 2020 following the explosion in the port of Beirut in Lebanon

  • Sending some 20 generators to Ukraine in 2022

  • The earthquake in Turkey in February 2023, for which Kohler donated 20 generators

  • Training of ESF volunteers March 2023 to connect, operate and maintain equipment supplied by Kohler for their missions in Ukraine

Sending materials, an essential action for the resilience of populations

Sending materials, an essential action for the resilience of populations.

In addition to donating generators, in March 2023 Kohler trained ESF volunteers remotly to connect, use and maintain the equipment supplied as part of their missions in Ukraine and Turkey.