Kohler Power Systems EMEA completes expansion in Brest plant

3 year project expands production, storage and transport facilities

As part of the growth of the Datacenter markets, a project to increase production and storage capacity was initiated in 2021.

This resulted in the modification of the dock in 2021 to NEF5 K2bis to be able to accommodate containers in WIC format in the factory.

In 2022, K2bis' NEFs 4 and 5 were modified to accommodate Production activities.

Closure of NEF5, reinforcement of structures and increase of handling capacities.

In 2023, an outdoor area of 4000m2 was developped on an available ground on which two 1250m2 metal industrial buildings (BIM) have been installed, alloing us to increase our production in process, as well as the storage of upstream and downstream products.

Greater handling autonomy

A container handling rider allows containers to be moved between the different workshops and thus to be autonomous from cranes and transporters.

New test facilities have been commissioned to best meet the requirements of customers in the Datacenter markets, including 20MVA of resistive/inductive load banks.

This work has also made it possible to secure road and pedestrian flows on the site, in particular by creating a one-way lane for truck and car traffic on the site, and by developing a new site exit.

This major investment will help meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Watch the video of our Brest plant extension